Okay, the fascinating…

Okay, the fascinating people here are interfering with my lounge by the pool and catch up on e-mail plans. Had a great long conversation with Daryl Gregory and Sofia Samatar and Usman Malik and a bit with Sheila Williams, followed by lunch with Sofia + Max Gladstone, Jim Kelly, Kathryn Cramer, Eileen Gunn, Nisi Shawl, where we explored a variety of awesome topics of conversation (Eileen's new book, _Questionable Practices_ is just out this week from Small Beer Press, yay!), including a long discussion about social / political changes in the SF field over the last few decades. V. interesting and thoughtful.

Would be very happy to talk at more length with any / all of them, but I have stolen myself away (missing Nnedi Okorafor's talk, sigh) because there are a few work e-mails I really HAVE to send. After that, heading to hybrid publishing panel, where Cecilia Tan will talk about how my book, The Stars Change, started as a Kickstarter and then was picked up by her small press. And after that, I am thinking swimsuit and sunshine and pool and daiquiris. That is my reward for the e-mails and all the thinking so far today.

Oh, if anyone at #ICFA is looking for it, TSC is now in the book room, and they're selling it at a conference discount. For eight dollars, my book could be yours! Supplies are limited. :-)

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