Nice day — spent the…

Nice day -- spent the morning with my kids cleaning the playroom, and then rewarded that virtue with lunch out with Kat and Lori, which turned into an impromptu birthday celebration too, because I'd forgotten that Lori's birthday is this week. I am being terrible about remembering such these days. Must make more of a system. Anyway, after lunch, walked around with Kat a bit, and then came back to the house, where soon thereafter, various friends came by to hang out and make pizzas together. That's Kat's delectable panang-peanut beef creation below. Huzefa and Fatema and their kids, Roshani and two of hers. We ended up with eight children, all between the ages of 4 and 7, which was quite.loud. But they did seem to have a good time, as did we. :-)

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