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I have mostly been offline today, but I am, of course, thoroughly delighted to learn that The Stars Change has been nominated for a Lambda Award, and thanks so much to everyone writing in with congratulations. Y'all know how to make a writer feel special.

This is a particularly treasured nomination for me because twenty years ago, as a college student, I was so desperate to find SF/F fiction featuring queer characters that I spend a lot of time compiling a comprehensive bibliography of all of it I could find. There wasn't a lot at first, just a page or two of listings. But it grew. (http://www.mamohanraj.com/altsex.html)

That became a fairly well-known list, back in the day, because I wasn't the only one desperate for such material. I stopped updating it in 2006, mostly because I couldn't keep up with the increasing abundance of such stories. Which is a terrific reason to stop needing to list them. And which makes it even more pleasing to me that among the wealth of queer SF/F material out there today, my little novella was nominated for a Lambda award. I admit, I have been lusting after one for quite some time!

Big props to Steve Berman at Lethe Press (with four nominees on the ballot!) for doing so much over the years to keep this genre vibrant. And I'll also take this opportunity to quickly note that I have an essay about Captain Jack (co-authored with Jed Hartman) in Queers Dig Time Lords, which is eligible for a Hugo Award for Best Related Work, should you happen to be nominating / voting for those. The Stars Change is also eligible in the Novella category.

Wouldn't it be fabulous to win a Lambda and a Hugo in the same year? A girl can dream.

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