Just noting my FogCon…

Just noting my FogCon reading / panel schedule for this weekend. I feel I should note that I have been severely over-scheduled the last week or two (am not sure I get to sleep tonight, for example), and so as much as I love FogCon programming, when I'm not actually on a program item, I may be hiding in my hotel room. Sorry! If I'm down in the bar, though, please do feel free to come talk to me! (I'm assuming there's a bar. There's always a bar, isn't there?)

Friday 3:00 - 4:15: Reading with Mary Anne Mohanraj, Cliff Winnig, and Steven McDonald (FOGCon Student Writing Competition Winner)

Sat 4:30 - 5:45: Just because she's a manic pixie in black leather, doesn't stop her being the Angel in the House

"There seems to be a general agreement that the female characters in SFF should no longer be Ye Damsel, there to get menaced by the villain, kidnapped, rescued, and generally motivate the hero by having stuff done to her, etc. This new generation of female characters have abilities and competence, but these abilities and competences too often seem to be entirely in the service of facilitating the Hero's Journey of, well, The Hero, rather than Manic Pixie Dream Hacker/Ass-kicking Ninja-Girl/Leader of the Resistance having her own agenda and her own story. What kinds of female characters and stories would you like to read? Which books and authors give female characters their own motivations? Which books and authors need to be slapped with a codfish for their treatment of "strong" female characters?"

Sat 8:00 - 9:15: Lascivious Feminist Book Club

"There's a large audience for books that offer well-written, hot feminist sex. This panel will discuss portrayals of sex that score high on all those attributes, with a particular focus on four works: _Nightshifted_ by Cassie Alexander, _Bending_ by Greta Christina, _The Stars Change_ by Mary Anne Mohanraj, and _Saga, Volume 1_ by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples."

Sun 10:30 - 11:45 Do Pessimists Dream of Dystopian Sheep?

"Is the world worse than it was 30 years ago? Or better? Are we facing new problems beyond human solution, or will we just have to get more creative? What about the world 30 years from now: better or worse? What needs to change now in order to ensure a better future?"

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