It is against the spirit…

It is against the spirit of a work stoppage, I think, to answer work e-mails. But on the other hand, I have a backlog of e-mails in my queue and it will only make my life harder if I wait two days to answer them -- when we're back to work on Thursday, it will be busy enough catching up, without adding them as well. I would not cross a physical picket line, but is it reasonable to answer my own e-mails in order to make my life easier this week? How about if I write the answers, but queue them in draft mode and don't send them until Thursday? That sounds sort of goofy, but is perhaps closer to the spirit of striking? Hm. I will not, of course, be answering e-mails while I am physically picketing. Although smartphones make it possible to do so, which is sort of strange.


"The Faculty Union at UIC are engaged in collective bargaining with the University and so far have not settled on a contract. The union will strike for on Feb. 18th and 19th. I will respond to your message on February 20th."

Official website, UIC UF, Local 6456:

Chicago Tonight video interview featuring UIC Faculty Union President Joe Persky:

Faculty on Strike by Walter Benn Michaels and Lennard Davis for Jacobin magazine:

UIC United Faculty on Front Lines of Crisis in Higher Ed by Elizabeth Shermer for the Labor and Working-Class History Association:

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