The music room is…

The music room is finally clean enough that I can take photos of it. We got the rug first, some time back, and I was a little worried that getting curtains in the same pattern would be too matchy-matchy, but I actually love how it all came out. I was aiming for a tiny bit of a Victorian vibe (colored walls, lots of patterned fabric), but with a more modern, playful feel to it, which I think the room achieves.

I wanted a cross between a feminine sitting room and an energetic, kid-friendly space (Kavi's art desk is against one window, and our piano for her lessons is near the other). Really love how it all came out; the room makes me smile. Not pictured (mostly because I forgot), the glass-fronted cabinet against the other wall that holds my assortment of yarn (sorted by color), my garden books and textile art books, and board games for both adults and kids.

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