I just read a friend…

I just read a friend talking about teaching a literature course that covered rape; it was emotionally exhausting for her, for her students. I am thinking about yesterday, where I spent the morning working on an essay that made me tense -- physically tense, with rock-hard muscles in my shoulders. Tense and on the verge of tears, off and on through the course of the day. I think it'll be a good essay, that it'll be worthwhile. Kevin's work is valuable too -- math is important in a completely different way. But sometimes I envy him a bit, that his work is not quite so emotionally grueling as mine can be.

At least Kevin feeds me rice and curry at the end of the day, and takes out eight bags of trash and recycling by himself so I don't have to go out in the cold, and rubs my shoulders 'til most of the knots are gone. Never underestimate a good ally.

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