A few people have asked…

A few people have asked for stories/poems to go in the second (ebook) edition of my cookbook. Which I am entirely in favor of, esp. given that I have no space constraints. But I am realizing that, um, quite a lot of the food-writing in my past is not, shall we say, G-rated. Or even PG-rated. And I would like to keep this cookbook an all-ages event. I might need to write a few new pieces for this.

But for those who would wish for an R-rated version, here's a poem from many years ago


Manisha drips it down her pointed chin, careless
As she laughs at my plight. Unable to pick up the phone with
Nails and palms dripping with sweet juices. I let it
Go - he will doubtless call again - let him wonder, and
Oh! I would like to lick her clean.

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