Tired and groggy; I…

Tired and groggy; I think I may have a very mild version of the cold that gave Anand a fever yesterday. (Toni, we may be contagious -- do you still want to do lunch today, or reschedule, maybe for next week? Either is fine.) I have a lot of work I need to do, but trouble motivating. I think I'm going to ease into it by straightening up downstairs while watching an episode of Nashville (yes, it's pure soap opera, but with purty purty music), and then I'm going to use Self Control to turn off Facebook for a few hours, and the Email Game to help me actually power through my e-mail. Goal for the morning -- have e-mail cleared by noon. If I actually manage it, I get a cookie. Well, not an actual cookie, because I don't really like cookies all that much. A cookie of getting to snuggle in bed and read for a few hours after lunch. That's my kind of cookie.

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