Bus was ten minutes late…

Bus was ten minutes late -- my little snow bunny was fine, but by the end of it, my toes were turning to ice. Clearly, need more insulated boots, STAT. Am thawing the toes briefly now (ow, ow, ow, returning circulation, ow), before getting in the car, where they will freeze again during the 45-minute commute. Sigh. There are blankets in the car, but I am pretty sure I am not supposed to wrap them around my feet while I am driving. That might be a teeny, tiny hazard. Remind me again why I discouraged Kevin from moving us to San Diego? (Or North Carolina? Or even Oxford?)

Okay, off I go. Perhaps I will chant a mantra in the car to keep myself warm (it works for Tibetan monks, right?). I love Chicago. I love Chicago. I love Chicago

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