Having a slow, slow time…

Having a slow, slow time getting started today. I stayed up late last night, binge-watching Parenthood, which I'd gotten behind on. OMG, the Joel-Julia storyline made me just sob; I am such a sucker for stories about people failing to communicate. Which I think is like, half that show, in one way or another. Also, most of the plot of my book, Bodies in Motion, now that I think about it.

Anyway, stayed up 'til almost midnight watching, which is something like three hours past my bedtime, and then, of course, had thrown off my clock enough that I couldn't get to sleep 'til around 1:30 a.m. Finally resorted to making my computer play rain sounds to me, and that sent me off in the end. And the kids kindly let me sleep 'til 7:30, which is much later than my normal 5-ish, but still, so slow and groggy today. Accomplishments so far? With Kat's help, cleaned the kitchen. That's it.

There is a great temptation to just goof off the rest of the day, baking and the like. But one pan of sweet indulgence a week is probably as much as is reasonable for this household. The lemon cake is delectable, btw. And definitely not too tart, no matter what fools on the internet say.

Okay, off to clean the living room next. And then, e-mail. Lots and lots and lots of e-mail.

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