I’m enjoying my three…

I'm enjoying my three amarylli, which are finally all open. I think the Sweet Nymph (lowest pink) will be done in a week or two -- it opened first. The red, Samba, opened next, and finally the tallest, Apple Blossom. I thought I'd have a favorite, but no -- I love them all. It's going to be hard choosing next year, esp. since there are so many other interesting varieties out there.

I need to figure out if I have any chance of keeping these alive and bringing them back; I suspect not, because I grew them on gravel in water, and left a bit too much water in there at one point, so the bottoms of the bulbs are somewhat rotted already? I'm feeling lucky they bloomed at all.

For about $50 for three bulbs (all from White Flower Farm, all on sale, if I'm remembering right), though, I feel I have more than gotten my money's worth. From first green shoots to bloom, it's been at least six weeks of interest already, and I'm guessing it'll be another month before they're completely done. Amarylli are an exercise in patience -- for a long time, you feel like they're never going to bloom, and you wonder why you bothered. But then they do, and it is glorious. Really lovely in the depths of a Chicago winter.

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