Sausages and mushrooms,…

Sausages and mushrooms, biscuits and eggs, berries and butter and jam and juice. Kevin's parents are visiting for a few days, so we have five adults and four children in the house -- time to pull out the farmhouse breakfasts. And lunches. And dinners. :-) (Last night was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans, tonight, I think Kevin is planning on corned beef and cabbage.)

My main tasks for today is to take a second stab at Kickstarter fulfillment -- I was missing various items last time around, so couldn't send everything out. Still need to collect a bit of information; it turns out I need phone numbers for shipping to international backers, for example, or the UPS store, at least, won't ship them out (not sure if the post office is more flexible). Should be able to get much closer to done now; I think all I'm missing are the hardcovers, which still need to be printed. Soon, hopefully!

Other goals: hang curtains with Kat, clear mudroom. If I am very ambitious, finish clearing basement, but that might not happen 'til tomorrow.

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