I now want to create…

I now want to create original content to go with an ebook edition of my Sri Lankan cookbook. Like a new poem or short story for each recipe. I do not have TIME for this. But it would be so cool. And with ebooks, length is no barrieralthough good organization would be key, so the people who just want the recipes can find them easily, without having to read the stories / poems. Hm. It wouldn't take so long to write very short folksy-type poems. Doesn't my mackerel curry deserve a poem of its very own?

This is all because I read the opening to "How the Whale Got Its Throat" to my writing students today, isn't it? Ah, Kipling.

"...And the small 'Stute Fish said in a small 'stute voice, 'Noble and generous Cetacean, have you ever tasted Man?'

'No,' said the Whale. 'What is it like?'

'Nice,' said the small 'Stute Fish. 'Nice but nubbly.'

'Then fetch me some,' said the Whale, and he made the sea froth up with his tail.

'One at a time is enough,' said the 'Stute Fish. 'If you swim to latitude Fifty North, longitude Forty West (that is magic), you will find, sitting on a raft, in the middle of the sea, with nothing on but a pair of blue canvas breeches, a pair of suspenders (you must not forget the suspenders, Best Beloved), and a jack-knife, one ship-wrecked Mariner, who, it is only fair to tell you, is a man of infinite-resource-and-sagacity.'"

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