Heading out shortly to a…

Heading out shortly to a SAPAC potluck dinner, followed by the UIC English department party at MLA. Looking forward to seeing two groups of interesting, cool people. Although parties that START at 9:30 are, I fear, stretching my capabilities a bit. :-) I doubt I'll make it for more than an hour before heading home to cook -- I mean crash. Right. Crash. Sleep, like a sensible person. I'm not going to stay up 'til 2 a.m. cooking, nope, nope, nope.

Really, there is no need. Beef and potato curry, done. Beetroot curry, done. Cauliflower, potato, and pea fry, done. Kat and Kevin are going to prep the eggplant sambol while I'm out, so it'll just need a quick fry in the morning, along with cooking the salmon curry, ginger-garlic chicken, chili eggs, and saffron rice, which is all eminently do-able between nine and noon. (Especially 'cause Kat is making the desserts tonight.)

So in truth, I could party 'til 1 a.m. if I wanted to. And just because I'm tempted to add a tamarind pork curry because I have a sudden anxiety about there not being enough food (hush -- it's a family condition, I can't help it), is no reason to cut the party short. :-)

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