I wrote at the gym…

I wrote at the gym today. First new fiction in a while, so felt the need to document, even though it wasn't even three hundred words. And it's entirely possibly that none of them will stay. But still, happy. Short story tentatively titled "Communion," picking up after the end of The Stars Change.

It was smaller than hed expected. Oh, the planet was large enough, but this so-famous university city, pride of the galaxy  it was barely bigger than the smallest of the tunnel-cities on the southern continent of the homeworld. Gaudier from space, of course, since most of the city was above-ground and brightly lit. But the city had no depth to it  it was thin, barely a few stories tall in most places.

If a human were to see the deep delvings of Chaurins people, it might faint away in sheer terror. On awakening, it would cling to the walls, begging not to be dragged any further, shown any more. Then Chaurin might insist  no, you must come; you think us animals, barbarians; you must see what wonders we have wrought! And he might pull that human to the very edge of a twisting stone stair, and with a single, careless motion, toss it tumbling down. They were ephemeral, these humans, light and slight, of no consequence. It would be so easy to dispose of one.

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