We’re doing casual New…

We're doing casual New Year's open house tomorrow. I'm looking around at what I can make from what's in the house already, because it's snowing, and I am too lazy to drive to the store. I promised people curries; I should be able to manage a coconut milk-lentil curry, a chicken-and-potato curry, some rice and papadum, a kale-and-shredded-coconut salad. And then some meatballs served with a spicy dipping sauce (the kids can skip the spicy sauce), and maybe a big bowl of buttered noodles. We're a little light on vegetables, but there's spiced nuts and apples to slice up. I have mixed greens too -- should I make a balsamic salad as well? Hm. For anyone who shows up early, we'll have ginger scones, clotted cream, and jam. And there's a big tin of leftover Christmas cookies, and fruit bread with butter, and I hear people are bringing sweets as well. Well, I don't think anyone will starve.

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