UIC students, I’ve just…

UIC students, I've just revised my URE description, and invite you to take a look and consider applying for a LASURI grant to work with me on a research project in 2014-2015. There is funding available.

"My current project is an oral history collection of individual experiences of the Sri Lankan diaspora, in part related to the Tamil / Sinhalese ethnic conflict. We are in the very early stages of development now; putting together a set of interview questions which we plan to use for audio / video / written interviews, which will eventually be gathered into a web-based archive and an edited anthology."

Student work: "Some guided reading of Sri Lankan history and political material, to ensure familiarity with the political issues, followed by development of interview questions and conducting actual interviews. Interviews will be local initially, but if funds permit, will likely involve travel within the U.S., and possibly to Toronto in 2014-2015."

Application becomes available January 6, and will be due in early March. I recommend coming to talk to me if you're interested!


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