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Nice reader review on GoodReads: "Mohanraj is an experienced author of ten books whose Bodies in Motion was a finalist for the Asian American Book Awards. The Sri Lankan writer's future planet peopled by the descendants of Indian colonists brings a refreshing cultural and racial perspective to this sci fi novel, and her strong female protagonists make sure it passes the Bechdel test. With sex in all possible combinations of genders and lack thereof, including sizzling cross-species encounters, The Stars Change has the bisexual, polyamorous and erotica angles more than covered. Yet it�s not simply a fuck-fest. It�s a moving tale of social responsibility and community effort that makes me hope for a better world on this planet.

I gave this book for Christmas to a straight couple and a lesbian friend. I'm bisexual and I loved it. Name me a gender identity or sexual orientation and I'll find something in this book that speaks to it. If you like your sci fi, erotica, polyamory, and/or queer sex with a serious spiritual and philosophical grounding, literary-quality language, and some actual diversity, let your fingers do the running, not walking, over to Circlet Press and get yourself a copy." -- Jan Steckel

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