I’ve started (barely)…

I've started (barely) working on this new SF novel, making notes on the first chapter, and can I just say, it is driving me crazy that I don't have a title yet. I HATE saving the file as "Untitled SF Novel." And yet I kind of don't want to just make up some working title, because once you have a title, it shapes things. And while I know some of what happens in the book (what the personal issues are for the main characters, what the inciting incident is, and the crisis point), I still mostly don't know what the book is about. I have to write more to get there. So I guess I'll just have to live with Untitled for a while longer.

At least I have a working title for chapter one: Conversations in the Dark. I may change it -- I may not have names for chapter titles at all, in the end. But it's giving me something to hang my hat on. Now I just need four different conversations in the dark on a spaceship -- one is in bed (next to a clangy engine), and one, I'm pretty sure, is cooking curries by candlelight (after the power goes out). The third will likely be on a space walk (trying to fix the power situation). Fourth�hmm�not sure!

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