Just made notes on the…

Just made notes on the timeline in "Jump Space," and The Stars Change, in the process discovering that Sarita and Kimsriyalani went to undergrad together, and of course, Kimsriyalani was the one who helped Sarita hack into the flight records to figure out that her professor was leaving right after finals, and if she wanted to ask him to dinner, she couldn't wait 'til after classes were done, despite the ethical iffiness of that and�oh, hey. I guess I've started working on my new SF novel. Nice. If I can't sleep (sick child, sick me), at least this is pretty much the best way to not sleep. And have I mentioned that I love when separate stories get linked together into a larger universe? I do.

2100: Sarita is 21, meets Joshua (tenured), graduating college, starting grad school that fall.
2101: They date, marry; Sarita meets Kate while interning at spaceport (Engineering major, paired with Music & Ethnology); redfine marriage as a threesome. Parents are upset; not speaking to her for over a year. End of 2101, Sarita tries to reconcile with them, and at least somewhat succeeds.
2012: Decide to have kids.
2103: Iniya has been born; Kate is nursing.
2107: Amara is born. �Jump Space� story happens now.
2018: The Stars Change happens now. War is declared, no one�s sure what that means.
2108: New novel starts!

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