We’re sick over here –…

We're sick over here -- gosh, Mary Anne, it seems like you guys have been sick a lot in 2013, why yes, that's right, how nice of you to notice and yes, it totally sucks and 2014 had better be better, dammit -- so Boxing Day has been fairly subdued. Much coughing and other unpleasantness last night, much resting during the day, with muted playing interspersed with Anand's regular complaints of "I want to go home" and "I'm bored," which I think actually translate to "I feel yucky." Here we see Kavi helping him put together his Angry Birds puzzle, very deliberately trying to engage him with it, showing him where he can put his piece, etc. She's been really sweet trying to help take care of him. Also pictured is my sister looking on as Kavi watches a My Little Pony movie for the second time today -- and I think the fourth or fifth time in the last two days? Apparently, illness around here means wanting to watch the same movie over and over and over again. The joys of aunthood you never anticipate.

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