Kavya is often very shy…

Kavya is often very shy about performing, so I was really pleased that she didn't blink when Zoya (age 6) decided to start recording our singing (of Rudolph). If you listen carefully, once the initial chaos dies down, you should be able to actually hear Kavi singing.

And, of course, you can hear me. I wish I'd sung a little softer, so you could hear Kavi better, but oh well. My voice is unreliable and sometimes wanders off in strange directions, and the key on this is a little high for me, but it's not too bad. I promised someone on Facebook (can't remember whom) that I would sing for y'all, so here it is. Happy Solstice! It's not quite the same as lighting a candle against the dark, but it will do.

Thanks to Fatema (Zoya's mom) for helping Zoya work the iPhone video function! (1 min, 20 seconds)

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