Peppermint truffles,…

Peppermint truffles, take two. See, I thought they were fine, rolled in crushed peppermint, even if that was mostly powder. Sparkly powder, so it was fine, no? NO. When I opened the container, I found chocolate goo -- all the powdery bits had somehow melted into a peppermint sludge. Tasty, still, but not attractive.

So I actually went online and found Andes peppermint chips, and then re-rolled the darn things. It's been a day, and there's no sign of sludge, so I think we're okay now. But I am not sure I'm going to make this recipe again -- frustrating!

Peppermint bark next year, perhaps. Or squares of peppermint fudge. Something else. These are just fine, now that I'm using the right stuff, but I feel traumatized by my truffles.

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