Working on the Jaggery…

Working on the Jaggery schedule. We had initially thought to publish four times a year, but I think that's overly-ambitious, given how busy we all are. So we're going to aim for triannual. (I wanted to write triquarterly, but that seems like it's even less of a real word than triannual. Three times a year. Thrice annually. Something like that.)

In case there are writers who like to work ahead, here's a tentative schedule for 2014:

Jaggery 2014 Working Calendar

Winter issue goes live: February 15
Summer call for subs posted: March 1 - April 15 (six weeks)

Summer issue goes live: June 15
Autumn call for subs posted: July 1 - August 15 (six weeks)

Autumn issue goes live: October 15
Winter call for subs posted: November 1 - December 15 (six weeks)

´┐Żand so on. :-) All of this is contingent on continued funding, of course. See Kickstarter approaching.

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