Week three of…

Week three of Kevin's absence, and I have broken down and hired a bit of babysitting to help me get through. I am so grateful that we can afford it. Arlo has started picking up Anand from school @ 4 and bringing him home and playing with the kids for an hour, so I can keep working 'til 5. (Kavi gets home at 3:15, but is pretty self-sufficient and good at entertaining herself.)

And today, after bringing the kids home from a bowling birthday party, Izzy is watching them for two hours so I can a) get some grading down, and b) get a break from Anand, who really is exhausting in his demands.

These are the days when I think having kids at 20 instead of almost 40 might have been wise. But thankfully, there are 15-20-year-olds available to help take up the slack. :-) And I suspect I would have been a far less patient mom at 20, so perhaps all's well that ends well´┐Ż

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