Am simultaneously proud…

Am simultaneously proud that I wrangled three small kids by myself at a neighbor's party, but mostly grateful that they are older, and there wasn't so much wrangling. My main job was getting boots and coats off in the right place (no tracking snowy goop over the house), getting them sitting down with plates of food and cups of water, clearing the food, getting them periodic cups of water, and then letting them amuse themselves. We were there for almost three hours, and they were pretty much just fine on their own, and would have stayed longer. I wanted to be sure everyone was tucked into bed at least by 9-ish, for fear of someone dissolving into tears. (Could've been me -- I get TIRED at 9, and am often asleep by 9:30). And now Kavi is having her first sleepover, and she is so excited, and Anand gets to sleep in our bed tonight, and he is so excited, and I suspect I will not actually be asleep by 9:30 tonight, but that is okay. Am happy that they are all happy. No tears!

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