Children driving me…

Children driving me crazy tonight -- Anand is full of energy, probably because it's been too cold to send him outside to run it off. I managed to get them to leave me alone for half an hour after dinner.

Crushed candy canes in the food processor (sort of worked -- kind of ended up with too many as dust and too many as big chunks, rather than a happy medium, but ah well -- next time I'll try the heavy-duty plastic bag under a dishtowel + hammer approach).

Rolled truffles (bittersweet chocolate, heavy cream, peppermint extract), which was oddly meditative (perhaps esp. when accompanied by the BBC Sherlock, which I have just started watching from the beginning). They are meltingly delicious, like a grown-up version of a peppermint patty. I am now wondering if a bit of chili powder in the mint truffle would prove interesting or disastrous. Hmm´┐Żan experiment for next Christmas, perhaps.

I have wrapped the truffles in layers of parchment paper and stowed them in the depths of the fridge; hopefully that will keep me from nibbling on them between now and Christmas. Okay, probably not.

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