I know a day will come…

I know a day will come when my kids decide they are too old to take baths together. (I imagine some people might be uncomfortable with it now, but we are fine with it for small children, thanks.) I put them in the bath (with lots of bubbles). They started an elaborate story, and forty-five minutes later, are still going strong. There is splashing, there are sound effects, there are demands (in character) for ice cream.

They appear to be playing members of a family, but they shift identities fluidly as the story demands. And there is clearly some violence in the current segment -- "Pow pow pow pow pow!" Anand's additions to the story are quite unpredictable, but Kavya is practiced at rolling with them. "It takes more than infinity kicks and hits and chooms to get him!" (Chooms are the sound an angry bird makes sometimes, according to Anand.)

I love bath time so much. (Kevin, don't worry, I will use as many towels as necessary to get the water off the hardwood floor.)

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