Gathering TSC stuff in…

Gathering TSC stuff in one place, so posting it here as well. Review, Big Idea piece, etc.

Review at Ideomancer: �These citizens come from different cultures and walks of life, brought together superficially by the university at the city�s heart, and more deeply by their own desires. They�re ordinary people, all the more so for their variety � and on this night, they are called upon to take part in defending their home. The Stars Change is billed as a novel made up of interconnected stories, but many of the sections wouldn�t actually stand up on their own; read as a novel, however, the fragmentary and shifting narratives dazzle. There�s some global plot stuff about interstellar war, but it�s mercifully kept in the background � what�s foregrounded is each individual�s experience, giving the kaleidoscopic illusion of many other such souls.�

Big Idea at Scalzi's blog.

Buy It (ebook and paperback) on Amazon.

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