Knitting question. So I…

Knitting question. So I made a stranded patterned hat for Anand that fits him perfectly at age 4. (Cast on 108, size 5 needles, worsted yarn.) I'd like to make the same hat, in different colors for Kavya (who is two years older and has a somewhat bigger head). If I add a whole 'nother set of repeat to the pattern (cast on 144), I worry it will be a) too big, and will get confusing when I'm doing the upper part of the hat. So I think the correct approach is to size up a bit on needles? I'm afraid this is beyond my knitting skills, so any advice would be very welcome.

I have at this point cast on 144 and done the first row of ribbing, but will happily rip out if this is the wrong approach, as I suspect it is.

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  1. Go back and look at the comment section on the original pattern page. The designer gives a suggestion about how to create a larger hat. Going up a needle size or two will also help.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    She can wear his hat, but just barely; it wouldn’t last her more than a year, I think. I decided to go up a needle size, and add a few more rows of ribbing. I think that’ll give her a little more time with it. 🙂


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