On the minus side,…

On the minus side, pounding headache for the last few hours, and Kevin has now left for two weeks of doing math with a colleague in New York. Pity me.

On the plus side, Toni's son Arlo has done a fine job of raking my backyard and hanging lights on our back deck (something I've been meaning to do FOREVER), and my sister Sharms made us a delicious dinner, and she and Ryan are now watching the kids for me. I have even foisted the gingerbread-house-making off on them, as it is not one of my favorite holiday activities. (I get too perfectionist-y, which is pretty much useless with small children.) I will be mopey when they leave tomorrow, abandoning me to my solo-parenting fate.

Once again, I am reminded that as much as I love the city I live in, I really would prefer it if it were closer to the cities my sisters live in. Or even better, was the same city, dangit. Sometimes, I think there's something really wrong about the way our lives have evolved.

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