I am not even close to…

I am not even close to done with my Christmas presents yet, but I think I may be done with ads and catalogs. Can they stop, please? Yes, even the local, handmade, etc. ones? I will make an exception for ads from the actual creators and/or publishers. But all the rest are making my eyes hurt.

When we have all been uploaded, how large a percentage of my income will I have to pay for an ad-free existence? And how happily will I pay it?

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  1. check out an iOS app called Paper Karma. it’s free, and awesome. you take a photo of the catalog, upload it to their site, and within a day or two the company has confirmed the cease and desist. nicely made, awesome service. having moved a year and a bit ago, i had a whole new volley – and it has helped clear things up!

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