The problem with being…

The problem with being Type A is that when you ask Kevin to wrap the bacon around the dates while you lie down and rest for a bit, and he uses the wrong bacon, you might start to tear up a little. Because it messed with your PLAN. And then you remind yourself that that is utterly ridiculous, and you lie down with the kids and watch the Charlie Brown Mayflower episode, and when Kavi asks you if it was really real, you bite your tongue and say, "sort of," because they're both a little young for the really real parts of that story. And you feel better. No one should cry over bacon.

I should note that the dear man offered to unwrap all the bacon and put it aside for snacking another day and rewrap with the correct (thinner) bacon, and I am rather proud of myself for recognizing that no, that was ridiculous, and telling him not to bother. It can be difficult to see things clearly in the midst of holiday PLANS.

Also, if there's a whole bowl of extra cranberry-orange vodka jello, it's totally reasonable to start eating it with a spoon while you finish cooking, right? Right.

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