Holiday status: …

Holiday status: Time-sensitive university work, caught up. No more campus until Monday! Kitchen shelves: finally reinstalled, and everything is back UP on the shelves, thank god. I have my kitchen back, just in time. Photos soon. Children, home for the holiday (no school tomorrow). Okay, Kevin is picking up Anand now, but in just a few minutes, both kids will be home for five straight days. Eep. Dinner tonight: Kevin made Thai curry from a can (our standby for when we're tired), and the rice cooker is almost done cooking. Basement painting -- half-completed; they should finish it tomorrow, v. exciting. Thanksgiving menu: planned and scheduled (no cooking today, Wed: sausage-cornbread stuffing, pumpkin flan, cranberry jello shots, Thurs: cook everything else). Friday: Jed arrives. Holiday cards, also arrived, in process of addressing, with the hopes of getting them out the Friday after Thanksgiving for the first time in forever. Am feeling SO on top of things. Also that Friday, get tree! Saturday: Jed and I will be at Chicago TARDIS on a panel, talking about our love for Captain Jack. Sunday, my sister and her husband arrive for a post-holiday visit, and everyone can help decorate the house for Christmas. All in all, am feeling in surprisingly good shape for the upcoming holiday, despite the-cold-that-would-not-die. Although check back with me on Sunday, after five straight days of children. :-) I may make Sharmi and Ryan babysit while I hide in my bed.

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