This is how the basement…

This is how the basement looks when it's dark outside, with the lights on. The painters insisted on putting up a sample of the paint before they left today, so I could think about whether this is what I really want. The answer is yes. :-) The brighter turquoise to the right is a small cabinet, just in case that isn't clear.

It's going to look a little playroom-y initially, with that much color, but once there's furniture against the walls and rugs on the floor, I think it'll be good, in a layered, rich sort of way. And if not -- well, it's a basement. :-)

4 thoughts on “This is how the basement…”

  1. Are the brick (or stone) column(s) like the one shown also going to be painted the deep aqua/turquoise/teal colour? If not, I love the feeling of this.

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