Sometimes I love my…

Sometimes I love my body. Sometimes, I do not. Especially when it is beset by colds. Also, Kevin's body, ditto. The children seem to have shaken the cold off, and so they run about like frenetic spring bunnies, shrieking in that frenetic bunny way, while Kevin and I slump on the couch, exhausted at three p.m., and wait for bedtime. Last night, I actually fell asleep at eight, while he was putting them to bed. And maybe if I'd slept through the night, I'd be okay today, but instead, he coughed furiously around one a.m. and I woke up, and it was then two hours before I could fall asleep again, which meant the kids overslept with me, and I had to drive them in to school, so the day is already an hour behind schedule and there is so. much. to. do. and yet I sit on this couch. I sit and sit and sit. Stupid body susceptible to stupid colds. Bah. Humbug.

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