The kids are healthy…

The kids are healthy again, Kevin and I are recuperating. (The kids seem to go down harder, but come back faster than we do.) Kavi is off to school, and Anand will be shortly. I'm working at home today, and I have such an impulse to DO ALL THE THINGS. But walking half a block to her bus stop tired me out, so I think I had better try to treat myself as a convalescent and take it easy. So I am making a very small to-do list:

  • take Anand to school -- DONE
  • get groceries -- DONE
  • empty dishwasher -- DONE
  • do urgent ASAM/ASST work (should take about an hour on the computer) -- DONE
  • prune Annabelle down to almost the ground (for neatness) -- DONE
  • prune Penny Mac heads-only (for neatness) -- DONE
  • prune peonies down to the ground (good for health) -- DONE
  • cut down dahlias (to be dug up in a week) -- DONE
  • prune cimcifuga leaves (for neatness) -- DONE
  • prep for tomorrow's classes -- DONE
  • answer other urgent e-mails (about an hour) -- DONE
  • make dinner for family -- DONE
  • clear yard of storm debris (big sticks!) -- DONE
  • rake leaves into street for tomorrow's pickup -- got partway, and then stopped, too tired.

I think that's all that really needs to get done. It would be good to also:

  • revise and send in grey hair essay
  • put away six loads of laundry (mostly bedding and towels from all the sick)
  • assemble 1-3 storage racks for basement and move stuff onto them (and off the floor)

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  1. OK, a labor-saving suggestion: If you need to save your energy, unloading the dishwasher can wait. It is just as easy to take dishes from the dishwasher as from a cabinet when they are needed.

    I am glad you are feeling somewhat better.

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