Health update, in way…

Health update, in way more detail than anyone else needs, but I'm feeling the urge to document: I think we're on the mend, but slowly. Last night, Kavya was up all night, throwing up, and Kev and I switched off staying with her. This morning, she basically slept all morning, while Kev and I felt the onset of the illness ourselves. Anand was, of course, almost completely recuperated and full of energy and wanting to play play play. He got quite frustrated about everyone else's sickness as the day went on. Around 3 p.m., everyone fell asleep again for three hours, and I woke up feeling mostly okay. Went to check on Kavi; found her sleeping on a blanket on the hardwood floor in the playroom. Moved her to her bed, where she requested milk and a yogurt tube, which I dutifully got her, and then she went back to sleep. Kevin and I continue to feel queasy, but at least I've avoided actual vomiting (he has not). Have just had my first real meal of the last few days, and I think it'll stay down. Shower next, then lying in bed and watching tv; hopefully Anand will fall asleep soon. Oh oh -- I hear Kavi whimpering -- I'm guessing she's not staying down. Everyone in the family bed for tv for a while, I guess. Hopefully by tomorrow we'll all be properly on the mend.

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