Waking up on day four of…

Waking up on day four of your cold is apparently Mother nature's way to remind you that you forgot to buy more Bulgaricum alliums for spring, an error that you immediately remedied. What? It made sense in my cold-addled, congested, head. Also, now I will have more of my favorite alliums in my garden next sprig, assuming they get here in time for me to plant them before the ground freezes hard. Should be okay. Fingers crossed.

The real question is whether we'll be healthy enough to take advantage of the warm temperatures this weekend (60!) to finally properly shut down the yard for the year. Will try to take it easy today and just do lots of belated computer work today in preparation. Am wishing I knew someone with a sturdy late high school / college-age teen in the area who would like to do some yard work for a bit of cash. Rebecca? Toni? Know any kids or any friends' kids who might be available?

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