Working on the back…

Working on the back cover copy for the ebook release of Torn Shapes, looking at reviews from sixteen years ago. Gosh, people said some nice stuff; it's a little embarrassing, actually.

"These tantalizing stories delight in confounding expectation, making them all the more compulsive." -- San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Mohanraj is an Internet legend. Intelligent and seductive, she not only writes well, she writes with a purpose, and her stories leave a lasting impression." -- Carnal Knowledge magazine

"Genuinely moving...pulls no punches when it comes to graphic sex and raw emotion...a voluptuous rhythm...characters and situations as startlingly original and varied as one might find in any anthology of modern literature." -- Paramour magazine

�Back in the Silver Age of the Net, when no one had yet dreamed of the Communications Decency Act and email spam was unknown, Tim Pierce edited rec.arts.erotica and Mary Anne Mohanraj was the most reliable contributor of quality writing to that newsgroup. So Torn Shapes of Desire, a collection of her short fiction and poetry, is classical Internet literature.

Mohanraj's works range from the romantic to the downright raunchy, and from the serious to the slapstick. She writes about the fantastic and the mundane, about gentleness and violence, about vanilla sex and about such taboo subjects as inter-racial sex, bondage, incest, and suicide. But her focus is always on people, the ties between them, and their complex emotional lives.� -- Danny Yee�s Book Reviews

"Wow, this is good." -- Luko's Internet Book Reviews


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