It’s a nice at-home day,…

It's a nice at-home day, but yesterday I was so knocked out with sick that I did nothing; can't afford that again today. Goals for today:

  • review Chancellor's award apps (due) -- DONE
  • make up an invoice for Jaggery co-sponsorships -- DONE
  • grade one batch of mid-terms -- DONE
  • straighten the library -- DONE
  • straighten my study -- DONE
  • order Christmas cards -- DONE
  • get Torn Shapes of Desire set up for January release at Book View Cafe -- in progress

  • make up a quiz or two for tomorrow's classes
  • revise grey-hair essay and submit
  • pay Jaggery contributors (a few days belatedly, sorry!)
  • make Stars Change bookmarks and cards
  • grade one batch of papers
Oof. That's a dismayingly long list, but I think most of the items on it are actually twenty minute tasks. It should be okay, or so I'm going to tell myself. Right now, feed the children oatmeal and get them off to school. One thing at a time.

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