We’ve hit 32 attendees…

We've hit 32 attendees for the Jaggery launch party, so yes, there will be cupcakes! Possibly homemade cupcakes with jaggery frosting, depending on how much cooking experiments go (and presuming I do not completely crash before Friday). I have been feeling completely buzzed from early yesterday morning through today, and I rather think that buzz is going to just last all week. Launching a magazine and a book in the same week was perhaps not the smartest plan ever. (It was not ever the plan, actually, but slipping deadlines -- ah well.) I can actually feel the adrenaline surging through my system. I may have to somehow squeeze in time for a massage sometime tomorrow, just so I can get myself to chill down for a little bit. I had trouble sleeping last night from the excitement (and the rolling to-do list), and if I don't get some solid sleep soon, you know it's all just going to end in tears.

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