Oh my students. We have…

Oh my students. We have hit the point in the semester when everyone just stops doing the reading. (Okay, almost everyone; I did have one student (out of twelve) who had kept up.) I have scolded them and sent them off to catch up, and we will have a quiz on Thursday. They had an entire weekend, and did not even start _Evening is the Whole Day_, which is a shame, because I think they will enjoy it muchly; there's a great deal of excitement and mystery to the story, and the prose isn't nearly as challenging as the next book (_The Bone People_). It only gets harder from here, my dears, so now is not the time to fall behind!

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  1. I have long felt that my attention span is 10 weeks long. Thus the quarter system is a better fit for me, and I suspect for many others, than the semester system.

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