We were so close to…

We were so close to finishing the playroom clean-up -- maybe half an hour to go. But daylight savings is kicking our butts, so we are going to finish it tomorrow. Finish in one sense -- in another sense, cleaning everything up has revealed all the places where one child or another has written on the walls. Argh. I am going to try to look at it as an opportunity, I think. I will paint off-white to match the walls over the scribbles, but rather than worry about getting a perfect finish, I may paint something fun up there as well. We'll see! (And no, despite Anand's preferences, I will not be painting Angry Birds or Plants vs. Zombies creatures.)

I have a temptation to paint at least part of it with pale blue clouds (which should be within my limited painting abilities) and then suspend knitted hot air balloons and a crocheted zeppelin or two. Just a faint steampunk flavor.

That may be excessive for the space, though -- it's a very slanty attic, so I don't want to make it feel claustrophobic. Care is indicated.

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  1. When I was a parent of a small child, we taped white “banquet paper” about 30 inches wide along the bottom of the walls in several rooms. Our daughter could then draw and paint on the walls at will without damaging the underlying painted wall.

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