Kevin and I have, for…

Kevin and I have, for some reason, decided to thoroughly clean the playroom this weekend, for the first time since we moved in two years ago. He did a bunch with the kids yesterday when I was out at a literary salon (and thanks again to Paulette for the invitation, it was a lot of fun, and Rebecca, it was lovely to see you there), and then I did a bunch with Kavya this morning, and then I took the kids to a birthday party, and then came back and collapsed in front of the tv for two hours, and then we all went back to it (okay, not Anand, he is just hopeless when it comes to cleaning), and I bribed Kavya with Nutella-popcorn because she was getting tired and resistant (remarkably effective), and now I am taking another little break, and maybe figure out dinner, and then we'll go back to it.

I suspect that, all told, it's about an eight hour task (for two adults and one child), much of it sorting out trash (mostly paper trash and broken toys), baby stuff they've outgrown to donate, and putting the various remaining toys in the right places (toy food with the toy kitchen, little furniture with the dollhouse, tools with the tool bench, etc). Will it all be chaos again at the next party? Maybe. But I have a tentative plan to actually have them clean up the playroom every Sunday at least from now on, and maybe that will mean it will never get to quite this level of disaster again. Crossing all my fingers and toes.

On the plus side, Kavya is delightedly playing with her dollhouse now, for the first time in months, because all the little people and furniture have finally found their way back to it. :-)

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