Putting away Halloween…

Putting away Halloween decorations would make me sad, if it weren't for the autumn decorations emerging. (Shh�yes, I realize the seasonal decorating takes some effort and energy that could be put towards writing, but on the other hand, it assuages the urge to completely redecorate or renovate, which I assure you, is far more exhausting and expensive.)

I am still loving these yarn-wrapped twigs; I gathered them from the yard last year, wrapped them over the course of a tv show or two with scraps of yarn I already had, and they've held up perfectly in storage. The needle-felted acorns I purchased on Etsy, although I was tempted to try to make them myself. I do not actually know how to needle-felt yet. It is on the to-learn list, but weaving comes first, because I actually have a loom (a gift from Jed) that I have not even had time to put together yet, much less learn to use. I think that may be my Christmas present to myself; learn to use loom. Anyway, in the meantime, look -- adorable acorns on textiled branches! I swoon from the cuteness.

(Little woodland salt and pepper shakers found at Whole Foods last year, if I'm remembering right? Don't know if they'll get them in again. Also teh cute, although mine are currently nonfunctional as I made the mistake of leaving them on the kids' table and Anand has made the little stoppers disappear. Sigh.)

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