I woke up at 3:30 a.m….

I woke up at 3:30 a.m. for the second day in a row (for no good reason) and while I managed to get through my day, Kavya was thoroughly exasperating me at 6:30 p.m., so rather than yell at her, I left her with Kevin and came up to take a bath, but somehow I ended up sitting on the couch in the library with my laptop because libraries and laptops are seductive. Now it is fifty minutes later and I have not had a bath, and I am cold and my arm is going numb (bad position for typing) and I am still mad at Kavya for being a brat (refusing to practice, do homework, or help out around the house for a couple of days in a row now, and when threatened with consequent removal of privileges loudly proclaiming, "I don't care!") and between the cold and mad and numb arm I am clearly failing to be a reasonable adult here. It's hard to make good decisions when I'm so tired.

Mary Anne. Stop the internetting. Grab a book, a nice book that you have read many times and love a lot, perhaps a Tamora Pierce or a Lois McMaster Bujold, and go to the bath or go to bed. Get off the stupid couch. Also, eating french fries, pear slices, a few bites of the kids' mac-and-cheese, and a slice of lingonberry jam on toast was not the best dinner choice you could have made, and may have something to do with how yucky you feel right now.

When you are yelling at yourself on the internet, that's when you know you've gone too far.

7:55 update: In case y'all were worried, I had a bath, and read the end of Hyperbole and a Half. I don't know why her dog stories are so pleasing, but they really are. I am no longer cold, and my arm is no longer numb. I am still mad at Kavya, but I am going to be a grown-up and say goodnight to her (because it is ridiculous to be this exasperated by a six-year-old who is only doing developmentally appropriate things). And then I'm going to bed.

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