Garden in late October….

Garden in late October. I didn't take a pic of the dahlias, but they're still going; the leaves are starting to wither, but all three are still putting out pretty blooms, suitable for cutting for big bouquets. Plan to add a few more dahlias next year, because they add so much pleasure to September / October, even if it means digging them up in November. It's startling to me that it's still so mild out that so much is blooming. Mums of course, but roses too, geraniums, siskiyou, and more. The fall crocuses have popped up, so charming -- I wish I had ten times as many in the yard. Maybe next year. And of course, the leaves are changing everywhere.

I didn't expect the foxglove to come back so strong. Lovely; now that I know they do a second round of bloom, I'm going to prioritize adding a few more next year. The azalea / rhododendron (not sure which) behind it is looking a bit sad, but I thin it's just parched -- it's supposed to rain later today and all of tomorrow, so that should help.

Love the subtle fading pinks of this hydrangea against the fallen brown leaves below.

Fall-blooming crocuses!

Teeny tiny little mum, perhaps as big as my thumb.

Oakleaf hydrangea -- love the subtle color creeping into the massive leaves.

Love the combination of creeping variegated color in the leaves of this geranium, contrasted with the deep purple-blue bloom. Even prettier than the summer version!

My Halloweeny door -- the mat says, "Enter if you dare´┐Ż"

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