All I want to do today…

All I want to do today is cook. It's grey and going to rain soon and it's just perfect weather for it. I started with a green tomato / red bell pepper relish (photos soon), which I'm canning for holiday gifts. Then lunch for me and Roshani was a massaman curry featuring sweet potatoes, tilapia, red bell pepper, and Chinese long beans over rice. Mostly, I'm trying to use up leftovers. Well, the tilapia is fresh. That dish is too spicy for the kids, but luckily I only used half of the tilapia (those long packets with a dozen filets), so I'm going to cornmeal crust the rest of them, saute, and serve with savory mashed sweet potatoes and some garlicky green beans. Hopefully those will go over well. Kevin doesn't eat fish, poor baby, but he can grill himself a bit of steak, and it'll nicely accompany the sweet potatoes and green beans.

Why yes, I have twenty-four papers to finish grading today. Why do you ask?

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